Top 20 Dynamic Healthcare CEOs in 2023

We have had the tools to implement telemedicine, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and healthcare apps for years, long before the epidemic. Although the covid 19 pandemic was the impetus for the healthcare industry to advance and for individuals, providers, and hospitals to adopt digital health practices, it was necessary.

Doctors and patients alike are beginning to appreciate the benefits of technological healthcare services, including remote access, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and expedited research and development methods. The fact that digital health trends are receiving support and investment suggests that others agree with the value they provide.

There is still a lot of room for development. The healthcare sector, on the other hand, is adopting technology actively, with an eye on improving the future of healthcare and expanding access to quality medical treatment.

EHR Designed for Behavioral Health | Ashok Mathur

It all began when co-founder, Ashok Mathur traveled through South America during a hiatus from his current position at a well-known, EHR company. He thought “there has to be a better way.” People want to be treated as people and deserve to get a quality product that is backed by a high level of product support.

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Improving Quality of Life | Chizuko Koseki

Chizuko Koseki, CEO of TAGCyx Biotechnologies, is fascinated seeing how some innovative biotechnologies can help and improve people’s quality of life which makes her committed to challenging convincing people for fundraising, business development, patent protection, intellectual property portfolio establishment, building team, legal agreements which are all necessary for biotech start-ups.

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Empowering African Americans Locally & Globally | Deidre Johnson

Deidre Johnson is the CEO and Executive Director of The Center for African American Health (CAA Health), an organization dedicated to health equity and working to improve African Americans’ social determinants of health. CAA Health values and centers community with its hub in the traditionally African American community of Northeast Denver.

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Believing in People & Health | Fabian Rivero

Taking care of people in a company is essential for a leader because it can lead to a more productive and engaged workforce. When leaders show that they care about their employees, it can create a sense of community and enhance the emotional connection between themselves and the organization. But most importantly, it makes me as a leader feel better as well.

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A Technology Redefining the Future | Dr. Hao Pang

Dr. Hao Pang, founder, and CEO of Quantum Science has worked in quantum dots (QDs) since graduating with a Ph.D. in materials chemistry in 2009. His first role in this field was as a research scientist, where he helped develop QD inks. During this time, he was also studying part-time for an MBA, after which he realised there was an untapped value in these materials that he spent hours in the lab daily.

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An Ambitious Leader | Ian Talbot

“One of the promises I made myself, when I felt confident enough to lead, and a value that I cherish the most, is to genuinely question and understand the challenges either the business faces, an individual faces, or our clients face.”

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Pioneer Of Providing Exceptional Care | Leo Reyes

Leo Reyes, President and CEO of Best Home Health Providers can be described as a generous leader who believed in giving equal opportunities and sharing his best practices making a more collaborative working environment. He has been hailed for his communication skills and for encouraging a culture of open communication where anyone can share what they think is best for the company.

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Leading with A Cause | Nichole Daher

When a child is diagnosed with Autism, it is common for the doctor to recommend ABA therapy, or applied behavior analysis, as a treatment. ABA is considered (one of) the most effective therapies for autism. ABA is a scientifically-proven method of teaching that helps autistic children learn new skills and reduce problem behaviors.

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Empowering Clients in the Healthcare Arena | Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson’s visionary leadership at Health In Tech has driven disruptive innovation in the healthcare industry. As a seasoned veteran with 30 years of experience, Johnson identified the potential to revolutionize self-funded benefits, ushering in a paradigm shift in how health benefits are quoted, administered, and utilized.

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Guiding Children towards a Better Future | Veronica Robinson

Veronica Robinson, the CEO of Stepping Stones Behavioral Solutions leads with the Golden Rule in all facets of life. Her purpose is to treat everyone with the same kindness and grace. She demonstrates a deep respect for those that she serves with a willingness to gladly perform any task, whether it is changing diapers or cleaning toilets if it needs to be done.

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