BeeKeeperAI’s Patented Collaboration Platform Leads Healthcare AI Advancements on Protected Data

May 23, 2023 :AI carries promise for transforming various enterprises, including healthcare and life sciences. It redefines diagnostics by analyzing medical data for more accurate and timely analysis. Personalized medicine is enabled through customized treatments based on patient-specific attributes. The drug discovery process is accelerated by AI’s capacity to analyze huge amounts of data and predict the efficacy and protection of new compounds. Precision medicine is promoted by targeting treatments for individual patients and optimizing therapeutic results.

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Norton Healthcare takes numerous systems offline amidst ‘problems with our computer network’

May 11, 2023 : Louisville Courier Journal, a number of Norton Healthcare’s computer network systems have stood offline since Tuesday.

The Louisville-based healthcare conglomerate first had “problems with our computer network” and “obtained a suspicious communication connected to our information systems” Tuesday, as per Renee Murphy, Norton’s senior vice president and chief marketing and communications officer.

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Healthcare Employees Say These Cushioned Tennis Shoes Remain Comfortable and Supportive for the “Whole Day”

May 9, 2023 : Being a nurse suggests that being on your feet all day is unavoidable. However, some shoes generate more damage than good; with regularly being on the go and catering to patients, healthcare experts can’t afford to let foot pain restrict them down. That’s why it’s imperative to find a pair of functional and comfortable shoes that can keep up with your active schedule, regardless of your work — Saucony’s Endorphin Shift 3 Running Shoes are just the pair you are peeking for.

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UK healthcare pay proposal to be applied as strike threat remains

May 4, 2023 : More than one million National Health Service workers in England will acquire a pay rise after trade unions representing most employees in a long-running conflict voted to accept a deal recently.

The proposal covers nurses, paramedics, midwives, and other employees in England, including a one-off payment equal to 2% of wages in the 2022/23 financial year and a 5% pay upgrade for 2023/24.

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