Top 20 Dynamic Healthcare CEOs In 2023

Global Healthcare Outlook explores the current healthcare issues and how pioneering leaders are addressing those challenges through their organizations, institutes, and practices in the arena. Through this platform, we have leaders sharing their journeys in enhancing their field of expertise and how they have been able to evaluate impending issues by implementing out-of-the-box solutions—unique to the ever-evolving healthcare industry.

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Making Patient Care A Priority | Dr. Nhue Ho

According to Dr. Nhue Ho, President, and CEO of Total Care, today, healthcare is witnessing a massive transformation—the transition from quantity care to quality care. Before, doctor compensation was tied to the number of patients or visits rather than patient health outcomes.

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Healing People & Souls | Chelsea Haverly

Chelsea Haverly’s intention in starting her business, with the support of an amazing co-owner and friend, Christine Coyle, was to create an environment where helping the community and helping others is grounded in business practices and a transparent work culture that is authentic and sustainable.

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Reading the Community’s Pulse | Corina J Shtir

InterOme is a digital healthcare provider that works on improving individual and clinical decisions by making complexity simple. Corina J Shtir co-founded InterOme with her husband, John Shtir, COO InterOme, who is also CEO of Dexwell, a software company that matches very well in its expertise elements needed for InterOme.

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Encouraging to Dream | Dr. Elizabeth Harrison

Dr. Elizabeth Harrison has a proven track-record in enterprise turnarounds, business development, public affairs and organizational empowerment, with a focus in the last two decades on the healthcare sector. Elizabeth assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer at MetaSystems Group Inc. (MGI) on April 1, 2018. MGI is the Boston-based subsidiary of MetaSystems Hard and Software GmbH, located near Heidelberg, Germany.

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The True Healer | Judy Crane

The deep emotional injuries we receive on our journey through life often go unwitnessed and unacknowledged. The deep-rooted issues caused by these painful memories lead to a sense of disconnection from our bodies, impairing us from processing our true feelings. Judy Crane set to find a path in which she could heal herself and those she came across.

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Discovering & Developing Innovative Drugs | Patrick Y. Lu

Patrick Lu, Founder, President, and CEO of Sirnaomics, is discovering and developing innovative RNA therapeutics with small interfering RNA (siRNA) and message RNA (mRNA) as novel modalities. Armed with more than 25 years of biopharmaceutical industry experience with big pharma and start-up environments for nucleic acid therapeutics, Patrick has been able to mitigate challenges and difficulties throughout Sirnaomics’ growth and development, and transform the company from a humble start-up to an internationally recognized public entity.

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Leading with Grace & Determination | Shana Ess

Shana Ess’s in-depth experience and understanding of the refractive surgery industry puts her at an advantage to leverage OVO LASIK + LENS to stand apart from other clinics within the field. She has a unique ability to identify what a patient is seeking and deliver an experience far beyond their expectations.

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Building Strong Leadership Teams | Stefan Horsky

Stefan Horsky, CEO of Passion Dental Group (PDG), has a proven history of building successful, inclusive corporate cultures in the healthcare industry while improving the quality of care for patients. He has been hailed as a selfless leader with one of the strongest work ethics, who truly lives and breathes by the core values the Passion Dental Group team has built collaboratively.

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