EHR Designed for Behavioral Health | Ashok Mathur

" Patagonia Health was founded with a focus on solving two major user problems: to provide a modern, easy-to-use EHR software, and just as importantly, to provide excellent customer service. "

Ashok Mathur

Co-Founder & CEO

Patagonia Health

It all began when co-founder, Ashok Mathur traveled through South America during a hiatus from his current position at a well-known, EHR company. He thought “there has to be a better way.” People want to be treated as people and deserve to get a quality product that is backed by a high level of product support. They deserve a holistic approach to training and implementation and a vendor that is accessible to them at all times. So, in 2009, upon return from his travels, Ashok approached Abhi Muthiyan  with his ideas.

With the technical know-how, Abhi worked through the software development process, while Ashok managed the daily business start-up and Patagonia Health became a reality.

Patagonia Health was founded with a focus on solving two major user problems: to provide a modern, easy-to-use EHR software, and just as importantly, to provide excellent customer service.  Today the company remains true to those founding principles with a goal of 100 percent customer reference ability, because more than buying software, customers trust them to hold their hand through their transition to electronic health records.

Patagonia Health’s ONC-certified Behavioral Health Electronic Health Record (EHR) system allows agencies to organize client records and improve workflows for behavioral health, mental health, substance use disorder, psychosocial rehabilitation and intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) services. Additionally, clinical documentation is streamlined by using templates that are customized for the agency. Billing is integrated with the practice management system, allowing users to be paid quicker with fewer denials. Finally, Behavioral Health EHR apps can be integrated with public health and primary care apps to provide integrated care for your clients.

While, the company’s Clinical Assessments and Treatment Plans include interactive comprehensive clinical assessments based on Managed Care Organization (MCO) guidelines, diagnostic assessments, treatment plans and person-centered plans that can be reviewed and updated. It also incorporates the capability to capture staff and client signatures to meet MCO requirements. Patagonia Health has a comprehensive set of features. These include a gold-certified electronic prescription solution, support of in-house labs, HL 7 interface to external labs, in-house pharmacy management (with built-in inventory management) and immunization management (including bar code scanning and inventory management). Users’ don’t need to install expensive on-site servers, since Patagonia Health’s Behavioral Health EHR is cloud-based. Therefore, they won’t have to manage the associated IT headaches that follow server management.

With Patagonia Health’s Behavioral Health EHR solutions users receive top of the line service and support from a team trained and knowledgeable in everything from standard problem solving to registration and attestation for Medicare and Medicaid incentive programs and annual grant reporting. The company’s team of specialists can guide users through complex processes. Brantley Hancock, Department Systems Specialist, Washoe County Health District says “Patagonia Health’s migration process was far less painful than any of us at Washoe County thought it would have been. We were used to years of struggling to pull data out of our previous EHR for even day to day reporting. Instead, over the course 4 to 5 sessions, I was able to work with Patagonia Health developers and pinpoint all the various types of data that could be feasibly migrated between the old and new systems. Once we had all of the necessary SQL Queries written, 2 weeks before our go-live I just simply ran the pre-written queries and uploaded the data. The day of the official data migration took me a total of 2 hours to complete everything.”