3rd Next-Gen MSL Excellence Summit

MSLs are vital to the success of drug and device development. As front-line customer facing scientific experts, MSLs must be fully prepared to educate and gather crucial insights from KOLs while providing scientific information and data throughout the product lifecycle

DGE’s 3rd  Next-Gen MSL Excellence Summit returns in-person to provide MSLs and field medical professionals with the tools and strategies essential to demonstrate value to stakeholders, dynamically engage thought leaders, and map out a path for career advancement.
3rd Human Factors Engineering and Usability Studies Congress

The 3rd Human Factors Engineering & Usability Studies Congress is the proven industry-leading event specifically focused on the needs of medical device and combination product professionals responsible for avoiding use errors and medication errors while building a positive user experience. As your combination product matures, are you ready to address more involved questions of practical design, troubleshooting, and answering involved questions from regulators? This unique learning and networking forum will empower HF professionals to grow more confident in their skills, guide their teams toward the right insource/outsource decisions, and set new strategies for device software.

7th Virtual Clinical Trials
With more clinical trials switching to fully decentralized and hybrid models, the need for a collaborative information exchange is more important than ever. At the 7th Virtual Clinical Trials Conference, hear actual case studies from current decentralized trials and discuss the future state of clinical research from top industry experts at the forefront of clinical trial designs. Explore what is working successfully and what obstacles you can avoid in data compliance, regulatory compliance and novel submission methods.
CONNECT WITH KEY BUYERS AT MEDTECH SUMMIT US 2022 IN CHICAGO Whether you’re increasing your company profile, launching a new product or focusing on new business development opportunities, collaborate with us to identify custom solutions to help you reach your goals.
December 6-8 , 2022 Please find your discount code and link below.



2nd Advancing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)
Successful diversity and inclusion strategies have been correlated with greater company performance—it isn’t just good for society, it’s an essential business strategy. There has never been a more critical time than now for Pharma, Healthcare, and their allied industries to transform their company culture to be more diverse and inclusive. By putting a greater emphasis on diversity in the workplace and among your clinical trial participants, you can positively impact drug innovation and development, disease awareness, and clinical trial outcomes.