Pioneer Of Providing Exceptional Care | Leo Reyes

"Best Home Health Provider is a company that cares for its clients/patients first. We value camaraderie within the company and we strive to do more through introducing innovations that can improve our service to our clients."

Leo Reyes

President And CEO

Best Home Health Providers

Leo Reyes, President and CEO of Best Home Health Providers can be described as a generous leader who believed in giving equal opportunities and sharing his best practices making a more collaborative working environment. He has been hailed for his communication skills and for encouraging a culture of open communication where anyone can share what they think is best for the company. Lastly, his compassion is noteworthy. His being compassionate about the clients is commendable, putting all aside or going that extra mile to care for the patients. These are the qualities that have assisted him in taking the care agency to greater heights.

For the past 22 years, the family-owned In-Home care agency has taken pride in knowing that they have helped many Bay Area families. “We have helped them meet the challenges that come with finding the right care. We work closely with all the families we serve, making sure we meet all their expectations. From the nurses that provide direct care, to the office support staff; our goal is to always provide exceptional service,” says Leo.

Best Home Health Providers clinicians are the backbone of this company. “Without them, this company can’t stand-out among its competitors. Being a Licensed Physical Therapist, I know their struggles and hardships in dealing with different patients.

As a President, I need to listen to their opinions and suggestions to making our company a better place to work with,” adds Leo. “Our wound care nurses are trained and experienced in wound management by using evidence-based treatment protocols to help patients achieve the best possible treatment outcomes.”

Leo and his team of care providers put at ease both patients and family members during the transition back home, and at the same time, guide them through the entire recovery process. “First, the assurance that they will be taken care of. That they can trust us and that we will never break their trust and confidence in us,” elucidates Leo. “Second, we help them understand why such activity is needed for their recovery. They need to understand our objectives and agree to meet our goals. It can be difficult sometimes but when they know why they are doing this and that then everything comes easy.”

Best Home Health Providers offer unique services. Their physical therapy helps in improving range of motion, mobility, endurance, gait, balance, strength, posture, safety awareness, fall prevention, pain issues, and transfers due to physical impairments from injury, trauma, or illness typically of musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological and endocrinological origins. On the flip side, the occupational therapist works to improve activities of daily living, including bathing, dressing, grooming, and transferability. It also helps provide adaptive equipment training, low-vision strategies, utilizes functional cognition strategies, decreases anxiety, and improves independence in the home.

“I would normally go back to assessing the needs of our clients/patients. Their needs need to be addressed first before anything else. We need to delight them or exceed their expectations,” explains Leo. “And such brilliant care is provided when employees are encouraged and nurtured. People who are happy with their work, contented with what they receive, and lives a balanced life will always come to office or care for our clients in the best way that they can.”

As a company that puts client’s care first, Best Home Health Providers are the first to initiate a protocol within the Northern region to accept COVID-positive patients. It was challenging, but with the guidelines, they continue to provide excellent care for their patients. “Us the owners itself are the one who started seeing those patients because we do believe that our responsibility for having our own healthcare business is to help and since there’s a lot who are scared on seeing or being exposed to Covid cases when it started,” says the steadfast leader. “We have been willing to risk ourselves for those in need. We provided training and communication techniques to service complex cases such as Tracheostomy care, Ventilators, etc. to better serve our clients.”

Best Home Health Providers’ 5-star rating from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is one of their most significant achievement, and it proves that they provide quality service to their clients/patients. Without their genuine care and unparalleled service to clients, they wouldn’t be one of the country’s most trusted home health care providers.

Best Home Health Providers has been operating in Hayward, CA, for over ten years. Still, when a Physical Therapist and a Nurse took over the management 2.5 years ago, the company began to grow more to a more supportive environment and with more expertise in day-to-day operations and clinical knowledge. With their excellent interpersonal skills, they built good connections with the outstanding staff and clinicians in the industry that have helped them grow the business even more through servicing challenging locations and accepting complex cases. The company takes pride in their people as one of the best with the clinician retention to assists patients within their coverage counties and more.

Best Home Health Providers have expanded across sixteen counties, opened up other offices, and now also offers hospice services. The years of experience in the industry give them strong facility contacts for home health, respite, placement and reflects our ability to partner with their community providers in high levels of professional conduct. These long-term partnerships were built on levels of communication, timely response, and fulfilling our commitments. “Best Home Health Provider is a company that cares for its clients/patients first. We value camaraderie within the company and we strive to do more through introducing innovations that can improve our service to our clients. We listen, we care, and we deliver best and quality service,” says Leo.