RefleXion Announces Multi System Contract with Select Healthcare

RefleXion Announces Multi System Contract with Select Healthcare

August 22, 2022:- RefleXion Medical, a therapeutic oncology firm pioneering biology-guided radiotherapy* (BgRT), a new modality that utilizes emissions generated from cancer to lead radiotherapy, announced a three-system contract with Select Healthcare, a developer of affiliated cancer installations throughout the United States. The multi-year, multi-site contract will build new free-standing treatment centers that display the dual modality of the RefleXion® X1 platform for treating all phases of cancer with external beam radiotherapy (EBRT).

“The result of these initial three new free-standing radiotherapy centers will get RefleXion’s novel BgRT to local communities so that patients with solid tumor cancers can obtain state-of-the-art cancer care near their home,” expressed Matthew Cutler, CEO, president, and founder of Select Healthcare Solutions. “The X1 is the only system to propose breakthrough motion management for moving tumors using biological and anatomic direction for earlier stage cancers. We envision that this future capacity will be attractive to our physician partners because it obtains radiotherapy as a new treatment option to patients with late-stage cancer.”

The RefleXion X1 machine with BgRT is designed to overcome the technical constraints restricting radiotherapy to one or two tumors. Instead, it will one day permit radiotherapy to reach more tumors during the exact treatment session, even those tumors that move due to patient motion, such as breathing or digestion.

“We applaud the Select Healthcare vision of offering advanced cancer care to patients being treated at the community level via the establishment of these new centers,” stated Todd Powell, president, and CEO of RefleXion. “As we progress commercializing the X1 and our forthcoming release of BgRT, we are proud to count Select Healthcare among our premature customers.”

BgRT uses emissions from a patient’s cancer cells formed by injecting a small amount of a targeting molecule bearing a positron-emitting radioisotope, comprehended as a PET tracer, to guide EBRT. As the PET tracer binds to the tumor cells, it creates emissions that signal cancer’s location. The RefleXion X1 machine design combines PET arcs with a linear accelerator to catch these emissions and direct radiotherapy to each tumor.