Irving Mobile Healthcare Company MedArrive Gets $8M in Funding To Decrease ER Visits, Hospitalizations

April 12, 2023 : MedArrive, an Irving-located mobile-integrated care management platform company, has acquired $8 million in new funding led by Cobalt Ventures, a wholly possessed subsidiary of Blue Shield of Kansas City (Blue KC) and Blue Cross.

This business stated that the investment follows MedArrive’s $25 million series A round in November 2021, obtaining its total funding to $40.5 million.

“People in America have a right to inclusive, high-quality care, yet too many are dumped out and have no one on their behalf who can associate them to the system,” MedArrive Co-Founder, and CEO Dan Trigub stated in a statement. “That’s what the MedArrive platform and the field providers present—a trusted and empathetic bridge into the homes of the people who require care the most and at the right moment.”

“The work we’re accomplishing with dedicated healthcare organizations, who are dedicated to health equity, is what drives our team every day,” Trigub stated.

MedArrive communicated it supports adult and pediatric populations by supplying a white-labeled care management solution that proffers care in the home—often for the hardest-to-reach, disentangled, and most vulnerable individuals.

Helping patients at home with paramedics, EMTs, and other healthcare specialists.

The company stated that the platform connects providers and payers along with MedArrive’s field provider network of approvingly trained and experienced paramedics, EMTs, and other healthcare specialists.

Field providers call the homes of patients or associates on behalf of their provider or health program, providing a mix of in-home healthcare assistance, diagnostics, health checks, post-acute care, and other preventative health measures while addressing social care requirements such as transportation, mobility, or nutrition help.

When more increased acuity care is needed, the company says its field providers will link people with physician-led telehealth assistance.

The MedArrive platform contains integrations with a growing ecosystem of specialized partners that permit field providers to bring more care assistance into the home, such as virtual behavioral soundness, a retinal screening, and maternity care.

‘A special platform and elegant workforce’

“MedArrive has fast become a leader in delivering healthcare at home solutions with a special platform and agile workforce that helps lower price of care for health plans while building trust, improving entry to care, and driving better outcomes for their associates,” David Eichler, managing partner of Cobalt Ventures, told in a statement.

MedArrive has created a substantial list of customers—especially with organized Medicaid health plans—demonstrating a significant ability to enhance the health of every at-risk population while decreasing costs.