Mayo Clinic & Atropos Health Prove How To Use AI In Healthcare

The thrill over generative AI—and AI in general—has reached the multi-trillion-dollar healthcare industry, caused by the news of ChatGPT handing the United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) and the quick introduction of new healthcare-related AI applications. Bill Gates, for instance, recommends using generative AI tools for immediate diagnoses of patients. While believing that AI will inevitably misdiagnose patients, Gates asserts that the upside is worth the trouble.

Medicaid ‘cliff’ prevents many seniors from seeking healthcare

April 12, 2023 : The so-called “Medicaid cliff” is a yearly threat for millions of American seniors whose earnings put them above the poverty line.

While poor seniors often have Medicaid to help cover their healthcare costs, seniors who make just a little bit more have to spend the higher out-of-pocket costs of Medicare themselves.