Collaboration for a better future

Collaboration for a better future​

August 22, 2022:- According to an msn, two healthcare giants—Epic Systems in electronic records and Pacific Dental Services (PDS) in oral healthcare—have collaborated together for an enhanced future. This collaboration holds tremendous promise to improve health results for patients. By completely deploying Epic Systems’ comprehensive health-records system in all the almost 900 dental offices it backs, PDS is ushering in a new era of dentist/physician cooperation. It highlights the potential benefits of comprehending the mouth-body connection and discovering how many illnesses can have their roots in bad dental health.

Utilizing Epic’s state-of-the-art electronic health-records system will give PDS-supported clinicians the ability to share meaningful health information about their patients with other healthcare professionals. This is essential and cannot be overstated: Healthcare outputs are vastly improved when providers have quick access to all pertinent information on a patient. Medical-care providers can recognize diseases, such as diabetes or arthritis, earlier. At the same time, patients will have admission to their critical, primary, and dental health histories in one place. They can utilize Epic’s MyChart patient portal to communicate with providers, plan appointments, request prescription refills, and more.

PDS CEO Stephen E. Thorne IV rightly states that “Oral healthcare is a vital component of overall health, and this investment has allowed our supported clinicians and their patients to more fully partake in the promise of a seamless, comprehensive healthcare system concentrated on whole-body health.”

This cooperative measure will impact a lot of people. Epic holds more than 250 million patients’ existing electronic health records. PDS has altered almost 10 million patient records from its practice-management software to Epic and acquainted nearly 14,000 team members in the new system. Advantages have already been noticed, including a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis that had gone hidden until providers could access the patient’s oral health records.

The partnership between PDS and Epic is the wave of the future. As these two pioneering institutions demonstrate, linking dental and medical professionals will greatly benefit their practices, staff members, and, most notably, their patients.

More broadly, such a joint endeavor in mobilizing needed information to improve patient care will be a powerfully positive model for the rest of the healthcare field.