20 Dynamic Healthcare CEOs In The World 2022

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Bruce Foster

Fostering Better Health | Bruce Foster

For Bruce Foster, CEO at New Teeth Now, quality is essential, and he makes it a point to encourage his team to deliver consistent quality. There is no comparing New Teeth Now to competition since they are poles apart, but New Teeth Now houses some of the dynamic specialists who have years of experience in providing only the best care.

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Driving Motivation to Achieve Greatness | Dr. Coralee Mueller

Dr. Coralee Mueller, President & CEO, NeuroVision Therapy, actively cultivates a solid corporate culture based on a genuine love of people. She actively implements the corporate culture by living and breathing the company’s core values and noble purpose with the NeuroVision team. Coralee deliberately and selectively surrounds herself with exceptional, high-performance people to work with, formulating the NeuroVision “A” team. Consistent emphasis on employee retention and engagement, allows them to maintain the environment positioned for innovation.

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Dave McIntyre

Taking Care Of The Nation’s Heroes | Dave McIntyre

Efforts to enhance access to community health care for the military and Veteran communities have proven to be TriWest’s only priority. TriWest Healthcare Alliance was formed 25 years ago by a group of non-profit health plans and University Hospital systems for the sole purpose of supporting the government in its mission of serving the health care needs of those who serve and their families.

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Irfan Sattar

Sharing Knowledge to Heal | Irfan Sattar

Irfan Sattar, CEO of Greeniche Natural Health, is a people’s man in the true sense. His focus is always on achieving results through empowering and developing his team. He invests a lot of time and energy in paying individual attention to the strengths and weaknesses of his team members and ensuring a conducive and result-oriented environment that offers equal opportunity for growth and rewards for everyone.

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Jeff Timbrook

Revolutionizing Cancer Screening | Jeff Timbrook

“One of the great things that Thynk Health has provided us has been monthly feedback. Having objective feedback that tells us what’s working and what’s not working has been key to us making decisions not just at a yearly level, but at a monthly level. Each month we get on the phone, they come on site, and look at our data critically, constantly looking for opportunities.

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Kal Patel

Global Regulated Digital Health Platform | Kal Patel, M.D.

Kal Patel, MD, is a former physician and MBA whose career has been guided by a passion to improve healthcare delivery, adherence and outcomes, with technology. Over the last 20 years, Kal has been the strategic lead on innovations in biopharma, medtech and regulated digital health at Amgen, Novartis, Doctor on Demand and Boston Consulting Group, as well as Flex. In 2018, as a spin-off from Flex, Kal co-founded BrightInsight, to create the leading global regulated digital health platform for biopharma and medtech.

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Leo Reyes

Pioneer of Providing Exceptional Care | Leo Reyes

Leo Reyes, President and CEO of Best Home Health Providers can be described as a generous leader who believed in giving equal opportunities and sharing his best practices making a more collaborative working environment. He has been hailed for his communication skills and for encouraging a culture of open communication where anyone can share what they think is best for the company.

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Nichole Daher

Leading with A Cause | Nichole Daher

When a child is diagnosed with Autism, it is common for the doctor to recommend ABA therapy, or applied behavior analysis, as a treatment. ABA is considered (one of) the most effective therapies for autism. ABA is a scientifically-proven method of teaching that helps autistic children learn new skills and reduce problem behaviors.

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Paul DeAngelo

Devoted to Growth of Children | Paul DeAngelo

Paul DeAngelo, CEO of Mission Autism Clinics, grew up in a Family business. He learned quickly that people are everything to the business. Providing a positive, fun working environment and building a company’s culture is what makes it succeed.

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Robert Gottlander

Simply Intelligent | Robert Gottlander

With over forty years of dental industry experience, Dr. Robert Gottlander has a proven track record of developing and commercializing dental solutions. Throughout his career, Dr. Gottlander has been instrumental in founding partnerships between universities and private companies and has been the architect of research projects and educational programs aimed at boosting innovation in the dental implants and digital technology sectors.

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Vera Kurdian

Providing Therapy to those in Need | Vera Kurdian

For Vera Kurdian, CEO at Advanced Behavioral Health Inc. (ABH), innovation, authenticity, integrity, excellence, and inclusion are the essential qualities for any leader. “As a 16-year old Armenian Lebanese immigrant, she has seen war, devastation, and chaos.” Still, being a strong-willed woman and wanting to make a difference in peoples’ lives, she chose social work as a second career.

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Veronica Robinson

Guiding Children towards a Better Future | Veronica Robinson

Veronica Robinson, the CEO of Stepping Stones Behavioral Solutions leads with the Golden Rule in all facets of life. Her purpose is to treat everyone with the same kindness and grace. She demonstrates a deep respect for those that she serves with a willingness to gladly perform any task, whether it is changing diapers or cleaning toilets if it needs to be done.

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