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Veronica Robinson

"There are times when I question things and people, including myselfon why I work so hard and so much, but I still have to have faith that the universe will work in my favor. And so far, so good."

Veronica Robinson


Stepping Stones Behavioral Solutions

Veronica Robinson Award

Veronica Robinson, the CEO of Stepping Stones Behavioral Solutions leads with the Golden Rule in all facets of life. Her purpose is to treat everyone with the same kindness and grace. She demonstrates a deep respect for those that she serves with a willingness to gladly perform any task, whether it is changing diapers or cleaning toilets if it needs to be done.

Veronica’s passion for psychology routed her to pursue ABA therapy. After earning her master’s degree with a focus in Applied Behavior Analysis and working at various behavioral centers in central Indiana, Veronica received her BCBA certification. Leadership and instruction come naturally to Veronica, which is why she focuses her skills on training others. With a great team at her side, Veronica comes prepared to make a difference every day.

Transparency is of vital importance to the passionate leader. She gives priority to always speaking her truth and being open and accessible to all.

Veronica possesses rare confidence and uses her influence to help others grow. Her love of life is seen through her sparkling personality and the way she engages with the kids and staff.

Veronica disregards criticism: she takes being a female leader seriously. As a role model, she stands firm on being raw and authentic, instead of dwelling on negative messages projected by those who may not share her vision or understand her goals. Veronica inspires and empowers other entrepreneurs to become great leaders in their industries. Many of those who meet Veronica are enamored by her personality, confidence, her view on life and business, as well as her success. She is an inspiration for all, especially mothers. She has given a fresh outlook to those who have been in the ABA field for many years. She is magnetic.

Oprah Winfrey is one of Veronica’s biggest role models. Oprah has overcome adversity, discovered people’s stories, and continually lifts others. Veronica is deeply inspired by Oprah’s success. One leadership lesson that has remained with Veronica is, “That you could give someone the world and they still will ask for more. It is difficult sometimes not being seen as human, but rather as a title or a bank.” Armed with this ideology, Veronica has been taking the company to new heights.

“I saw a need for an ABA center where those who did not have access to therapy would have it, provided by a diverse group of individuals who teach using client-specific interests. These individuals are honing in on their special personality and specific wants, and needs,” says Veronica. “We have dedicated decades to helping children with autism lead fulfilled lives. We take the time to get to know your family’s individual needs and goals. We strive to learn and improve every day, right alongside you and your child.”

Veronica wanted a place filled with individuals who look like the clients served. Making parents (consumers) feel more at home and intending to build trust. Hence, they take a 360° approach with every child and work in tandem with their various environments, from their clinic to school to home. “When you join the Stepping Stones community, you’re the family gains an instant team of supporters with a variety of resources, tools, and therapy techniques,” she suggests. “Have your child properly diagnosed by a trained professional so you can receive the support you need.”

Led by a warm and talented therapist, every child receives personalized, play-based therapy focused on building positive behaviors. The therapists know that some children need more profound practice developing fine motor and other skills, and they refer parents to one of their trusted physical therapy service partners. “Therapy works best when parents are actively involved. We partner with you and equip you with tools and resources for your home. We work with you and your child to expand their food repertoire and incorporate healthy options for optimal development,” adds Veronica.

“Our transitional program provides a non-stressful way for your child to ease into traditional classroom settings. Our therapists are trained to work alongside you and your child to check this much-anticipated milestone off the list.” They also assist the child in developing strong communication skills, which is vital, and focus heavily on facilitating progress in this area for the child.

Stepping Stones Behavioral Solutions’ occupational therapy focuses specifically on very child and his/her unique needs to facilitate progress in physical and emotional areas. Their goal is to support and increase positive behaviors in a child and to minimize less desirable behaviors as they grow. Stepping Stones Behavioral Solutions’ Participant Assistance & Care (PAC) empowers individuals with disabilities to live in their own homes. Their services include daily living, self-care, mobility training, and monitoring needs to ensure health and safety

Recently, Veronica opened an academy for exceptional learners, where ABA therapy meets education. Everything that they are doing there started from scratch! In the wake of Covid and clients transitioning to a less restrictive environment, the school does not look the same as it used to, and more skills can be taught while combining therapy and academics. She plans to switch over to the non-profit side and provide more opportunities for children in the city and those employees looking to grow in the ABA field and maybe other areas.

“As much as the success side sounds wonderful- being a business owner is not a walk in the park. There is a lot of work, continuous thoughts/planning, late nights and early mornings that come with this life,” says Veronica. “There are times when I question things and people, including myself on why I work so hard and so much, but I still have to have faith that the universe will work in my favor. And so far, so good.” I have been busy working on my other business that I started this year. It’s called exquisite properties, a new it’s a real estate investment, a white-glove real estate company where we find “not so cute” homes, purchase with cash and remodel, stage, and pack and move out clients for an easy all year round move. I behave doing this after several commercial flips last year!


Truly an incredible asset to our community. I highly recommend as I have seen the true love, care and concern that they have for all.

– Brandon Powell

I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for these therapists! They love these kids like they were their own!! Just check this place out and you will see. My daughter in only 6 months has made so much progress.

– Britney Watts