Where does AI reflect in healthcare?

Where does AI reflect in healthcare?

Artificial Intelligence is primarily discussed in engineering and other technological sectors. However, the scope of this automation technology in Healthcare and hospitals should be addressed more. Nevertheless, artificial Intelligence has become so popular that it has revolutionized every field. The Hospital Sector has also appropriated this technology to cater to their needs. Artificial Intelligence has altered the way diseases are diagnosed and treated. Most prominently, it rectified the manual errors caused by human negligence. Some benefits of employing Artificial Intelligence in the Health Sector are given below.

Availability of soft copies of health records: Electronic Health Records can securely preserve the case history and the patient’s health conditions. Physical records like forms, test reports, and prescriptions of an individual’s medical history can be misplaced or lost. However, the availability of these documents in the soft copy format can preserve essential records. Doctors initially collect the patients’ data and convert it into structured data to be uploaded into the database. The patients’ demographics, medications, and prior case history are stored in the form of e-copies. 

Telemedicine: Telehealthcare services allow patients to visit their doctors virtually. In-person contact is not required in this method. Wearable electronic gadgets are provided to doctors, ensuring a realistic experience. Nevertheless, doctors and other medical professionals should ensure that the patient’s information and data imparted remain highly confidential. The video and audio should be secure and highly integrated as well.

Treating Mental Ailments: Mental health is equally important as physical health. Since the symptoms of various mental aberrations are not manifest, doctors would find it difficult to diagnose the diseases accurately. Besides, various mental disorders have the same symptoms. Therefore, diagnosing the ailment is next to impossible in such dire circumstances. Employing Artificial Intelligence in this regard can be effective in the diagnosis of diseases. Artificial Intelligence enables proper scanning and processing of the data present in the MRI scans and helps in the accurate detection and treatment of diseases.

Assistance to the doctors: Technology is primarily created to assist human beings in their day-to-day activities. This job can be done effectively by employing artificial Intelligence. Many doctors make use of artificial Intelligence to assist them in their duties. Patients also hire robots and other artificial Intelligence (AI) enhanced technology as their instructors. Artificial Intelligence can also help arrange meetings with doctors, organize reminders, and detect diseases.

Computers and artificial machines cannot be relied on entirely. Though employing artificial Intelligence in the healthcare sector reduces the burden on healthcare professionals, this method constantly threatens the security of patients’ data. Though cyber security has become highly efficient lately, hospitals should take special care while uploading patients’ case histories and medication details into their databases. Thus, artificial Intelligence is indeed a revolution in the healthcare realm.


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