UVA Health helping healthcare workers who experience workplace violence

UVA Health helping healthcare workers who experience workplace violence

August 23, 2022:- According to a news article by Keagan Hughes in NBC29, a new federal study says that healthcare employees are five times more probable to experience workplace violence than in any other assiduousness and that most go unreported.

UVA Health is attempting to make sure that its staff stays safe.

“One thing that we are trying to do as part of our work is expanded reporting of these events so that we can help support our team associates. We’re all here to take excellent care of the patients, but it’s really critical that our employees feel safe at work so they can provide that great care,” Susan Jackiewicz with UVA Health stated.

Aggression towards employees intensified during the COVID-19 pandemic, and nearly half of the nurses in a national survey say they have seen it where they work.

To that fate, UVA Health has created an endeavor for healthcare workers.

“That committee has a capacity of experts across UVA Health, but it also has a capacity of frontline team members that are part of that committee so they can offer first-hand experience. They can present also first-hand advice about our interventions, and what’s adequate and what’s not effective,” Nurse Ava Speciale expressed.

The primary mission is to deliver resources and strengthen training for workers dealing with workplace violence.