Utilizing Ambient Energy Usage Readings to Enhance Remote Patient Monitoring

Utilizing Ambient Energy Usage Readings to Enhance Remote Patient Monitoring

July 20, 2023 :The Eaton Corporation, a power management company based in Cleveland, made an important announcement regarding developing an ambient monitoring API for its sensor-based smart circuit breaker. This new feature will be offered on a subscription basis.

The API enables the sensor-based smart circuit breaker to collect readings that can identify anomalies, such as increased night-time bathroom visits, as part of patient remote health monitoring. This innovative approach is a significant step forward in connected health technologies, offering accuracy comparable to home health and well-being monitoring using passive infrared-based systems.

Christopher Berke, the director of Eaton’s digital healthcare, explained that their approach’s true advantage lies in combining sensor-based technology with energy-based data. By analyzing the electrical energy usage in a household, they can gain deeper insights into a person’s day-to-day activities beyond just monitoring their movements.

The AI used in this system is trained on daily activities and can even predict potential problems in individual and group living environments. By abstracting a resident’s daily activities and focusing on appliance and device usage during tasks like meal preparation, unusual trends that may indicate a potential problem can be identified.

This development comes as Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is gaining popularity due to a growing, aging population and a shortage of healthcare workers. RPM offers benefits such as reduced patient costs, increased care efficiency, and reduced staff burnout.

Andrew Zengilowski, CEO and co-founder of CoachCare, a platform vendor specializing in RPM, emphasized that the future of RPM will rely on wider adoption and the introduction of novel devices to facilitate customized care. He believes that through early intervention and frequent monitoring, RPM can lead to fewer emergency room visits, complications, and late diagnoses, particularly for higher-risk patients under specialist care.

Berke further stated that when data indicates unusual trending activities or potential problems, loved ones or care providers can be alerted. This timely notification allows them to make informed decisions on the necessary course of action, such as placing a phone call or making a visit.

Overall, Eaton’s new ambient monitoring API represents a significant advancement in remote health monitoring and can improve the quality of care for patients while reducing the burden on healthcare systems. Integrating sensor-based technology and energy data promises to offer valuable insights into individuals’ daily lives and help detect health-related issues promptly. As RPM continues to gain traction, solutions like this will likely play a key role in shaping the future of healthcare.