Startup to End Nursing Shortage makes to the list of Growing Companies

Startup to End Nursing Shortage makes to the list of Growing Companies

August 17, 2022:-According to Business Wire, Inc. has revealed that Gale Healthcare Solutions (Gale) ranked in the top 20 percent of its yearly Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies in America. Gale — a startup that ended the nursing shortage — just transcended the milestone of 50,000 nurses utilizing its smartphone app to find and accept open shifts at healthcare facilities — in seconds.

“This ranking as one of the fastest-growing companies in America is splendid news for the Gale team and for anyone who has a valued one in a nursing home or senior care facility,” stated Tony Braswell, President, and Founder of Gale Healthcare Solutions. “We established Gale to help solve the national nursing shortage. Via technology and people, we’re on a mission to guarantee no one goes without care.”

Smaller than one percent of U.S. businesses are named in the Inc. 5000 list. Gale, ranking at 931, was the primary healthcare services company in the country to present an “on-demand” tech-based staffing solution. Employing the Gale app, healthcare facilities post open shifts, and clinicians can receive those work options immediately. Gale is also the industry pioneer in another essential innovation—furnishing clinicians with same-day pay. This blend of leading staffing and payments technology and a people-focused approach has pushed Gale’s rapid growth.

Gale operates in 39 states and newly secured $60 million in funding from investment firm FTV Capital to continue expanding the $24.7 billion healthcare temporary staffing market.

Braswell, selected  Entrepreneur Of The Year Florida by Ernst & Young LLP, established Gale in 2016. After three decades in healthcare staffing, where he depended on continuous calling and texting to try to fill up open nursing shifts, Braswell realized on-demand technology was the solution.

Gale was born after six months. Named in honor of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing, Gale has been a groundbreaker in bringing innovations to a 21st-century healthcare challenge — the shortage of nurses across the country.

A 2022 American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living survey discovered that 98 percent of nursing homes are undergoing staffing shortages, and 73 percent are concerned about shutting their doors.

“The staffing deficiency affects countless individuals everyday. We are so fortuitous to have a purpose-driven team committed to making a distinction,” spoke Braswell. “As we initiate our seventh year from our home here in Hillsborough County, we could not be more excited about our impetus and ability to serve even more people in the future.”

Helping nursing education is another way Gale is tackling the national nursing deficiency.

Gale has dedicated $500,000 over the next two years via the Gale Healthcare Foundation for nursing school scholarships. The Foundation strives to raise additional funds from other partners to equip more than $1 million to help license and train more nursing specialists.

Gale Healthcare Solutions is a top technology-enabled healthcare service and payments platform that delivers per diem, contract, and travel temporary staffing services and software licensing assistance in post-acute and acute healthcare settings. Created to address the national nursing shortage, the mobile and web-based Gale app links nursing professionals instantly to healthcare facilities needing clinical staff and delivers caregivers with daily pay. Gale workforce management solutions possess recruiting, credentialing, scheduling, time and attendance, communications, and pay. Based in Tampa, Gale delivers a national clinical workforce of more than 50,000 clinicians and benefits clients in 39 states.