SkylineDx and Tempus Team Up to Unlock the Power of Precision Medicine with Merlin™ Test

SkylineDx and Tempus Team Up to Unlock the Power of Precision Medicine with Merlin™ Test

December 5, 2023 : In a collaborative endeavor that promises to revolutionize patient care, SkylineDx, a pioneer in genomic testing, has announced a strategic partnership with Tempus, a leader in artificial intelligence and machine learning for precision medicine. This groundbreaking collaboration integrates SkylineDx’s Merlin™ Test, a game-changer in melanoma identification, with Tempus’s vast real-world data and AI capabilities.

The Merlin™ Test, with its unmatched ability to detect even the subtlest melanoma signatures in a patient’s blood, holds immense potential for personalized medicine. By combining its power with Tempus’s AI-driven platform, the aim is to unlock a new era of melanoma management characterized by the following:

  • Early detection: By leveraging Tempus’s data insights and AI algorithms, the Merlin™ Test will be further refined to identify melanoma at its earliest stages, even before visible signs appear. This could translate to significantly improved patient outcomes and survival rates.
  • Personalized treatment plans: Tempus’s comprehensive patient data, coupled with the Merlin™ Test’s melanoma insights, will enable the creation of highly individualized treatment plans. This precision medicine approach will ensure patients receive the most effective and targeted therapies, minimizing unnecessary side effects and maximizing treatment success.
  • Improved clinical trials: By analyzing real-world data from patients diagnosed with melanoma through the Merlin™ Test, Tempus’s AI will pave the way for more efficient and accurate clinical trials. This will accelerate the development of even better diagnostic tools and therapies, benefiting future patients.

“This collaboration with Tempus represents a pivotal step in our mission to transform melanoma care,” stated Ilya Goryachev, CEO of SkylineDx. “By combining our innovative test with Tempus’s unmatched data and AI expertise, we can unlock a future where melanoma is detected early, treated precisely, and ultimately, conquered.”

The synergy between SkylineDx’s groundbreaking diagnostics and Tempus’s AI prowess promises a paradigm shift in melanoma management. By working together, these two leaders in their respective fields aim to empower healthcare providers and deliver hope to patients by detecting melanoma earlier and charting a personalized path to recovery for each individual.