Shimadzu Medical's FLUOROspeed X1 RF System Earns HCAI Certification

Shimadzu Medical's FLUOROspeed X1 RF System Earns HCAI Certification

January 11, 2024 : In a significant development for healthcare facility preparedness, Shimadzu Medical Systems USA has secured preapproval for the HCAI Special Seismic Certification of its FLUOROspeed X1 RF system. This achievement confirms the equipment’s ability to withstand earthquake forces, offering crucial assurance for medical institutions in seismically active regions.

The FLUOROspeed X1 RF is a versatile radiography and fluoroscopy system designed for conventional and interventional procedures. Its preapproval for the HCAI Special Seismic Certification signifies its compliance with rigorous testing protocols established by the California Health Facility Assessment and Planning Bureau (HCAI). These stringent standards evaluate equipment’s stability and functionality during simulated earthquake events, ensuring the system remains operational, and patient safety is preserved despite natural disasters.

This preapproval holds particular significance for healthcare facilities throughout California, a state prone to seismic activity. Ensuring equipment resilience is paramount with the potential for earthquakes to disrupt critical medical services. The FLUOROspeed X1 RF system, with its HCAI preapproval, offers such assurance, enabling continued patient care even in the aftermath of tremors.

The certification process is rigorous, encompassing detailed component analysis, shake table testing, and post-test functional assessments. By successfully navigating these evaluations, the FLUOROspeed X1 RF has demonstrated its capacity to withstand seismic forces and maintain operational integrity. This translates to enhanced patient safety and improved continuity of care during critical emergencies.

However, it is important to note that preapproval signifies just the first step towards full certification. Shimadzu must complete a series of site-specific installation and verification procedures conducted by HCAI officials before the certification is formally granted. Nevertheless, this preapproval stage represents a crucial milestone, signifying the system’s potential to meet California’s stringent earthquake safety standards.

In conclusion, Shimadzu Medical Systems USA’s preapproval for the HCAI Special Seismic Certification of the FLUOROspeed X1 RF system is noteworthy. This development empowers healthcare facilities in seismically vulnerable regions with reliable and resilient imaging solutions, potentially enhancing patient safety and ensuring uninterrupted medical services during emergencies. As Shimadzu progresses towards full certification, the FLUOROspeed X1 RF is poised to become a valuable asset for earthquake-prone areas, contributing to robust healthcare infrastructure and improved patient care outcomes.