Resource Label Group Launches RLG Healthcare Specialty Unit

Resource Label Group Launches RLG Healthcare Specialty Unit

February 9, 2024 : Resource Label Group (RLG) announced the creation of RLG Healthcare, a new business unit specifically dedicated to serving the healthcare industry. This move expands RLG’s reach and expertise within this growing market.

RLG Healthcare offers a comprehensive suite of healthcare packaging solutions, including pressure-sensitive labels, pharmaceutical packaging, durable labels, shrink sleeves, and RFID/NFC technology. The unit’s offerings include medical guides, physician support literature, and other vital communication materials.

The formation of RLG Healthcare was fueled by RLG’s recent acquisitions of MedLit Solutions and Pharmaceutic Litho and Label, both established players in healthcare packaging. This consolidation strengthens RLG’s portfolio and industry knowledge, allowing it to cater to a broader range of clients with diverse packaging needs.

“Recent acquisitions propelled RLG Healthcare’s growth, making us a major force in pharmaceutical and medical packaging,” said Mike Apperson, CEO and President of Resource Label Group. “This unified team expands our reach while maintaining our focus on client needs and responsiveness.”

RLG Healthcare operates six geographically diverse locations throughout the United States, ensuring efficient and reliable service to clients nationwide. The unit boasts a team of experienced professionals with deep industry knowledge and a commitment to quality and regulatory compliance.

This move reflects the growing demand for specialized and innovative packaging solutions within the healthcare industry. As regulations evolve and technological advancements emerge, RLG Healthcare aims to provide customized solutions that meet specific client requirements while ensuring patient safety and product integrity.

By establishing RLG Healthcare, RLG positions itself to capitalize on the booming healthcare packaging market, which is projected to reach USD 123.84 billion by 2027. Leveraging its expanded expertise and dedicated team, RLG Healthcare aims to become a leading provider of comprehensive and innovative packaging solutions to healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.