NYC Mayor Eric Adams reveals plan to improve women's healthcare

January 30, 2023 : New York City Mayor Eric Adams has revealed a plan to fight inequality in healthcare that includes extending the availability of abortion pills at city clinics, founding a sexual education task force, and convening experts to develop a comprehensive women’s health agenda.

The Democratic mayor summarized his so-called women’s health plan Tuesday during a press conference while surrounded by some of the city’s healthcare executives, saying for too long, healthcare has been concentrated around men to the disadvantage of women.

“Ladies are the majority of the healthcare consumers. Many suffer from preventable health ailments, yet face more constrains and prejudice than men when it comes to getting care,” he stated.

The mayor showed the stark reality that women in requirement of medical assistance face, stating they are, on average, diagnosed four years later than men regarding hundreds of diseases and sometimes wait up to 10 years to be correctly diagnosed. He stated that one of the most common reasons women seek medical alert is vaginal discomfort, which is “misdiagnosed more frequently than they are correctly interpreted.”

“To be exact that is worse than a coin flip. World would have a lot more research and care alternatives for women’s health if we weren’t so afraid of speaking the word ‘vagina,'” he expressed.

“Every New Yorker has a lady in their life who has floundered to get the care they need. It is since historically women’s health has not been prioritized.”

As component of his agenda, the city from Wednesday will begin rolling out abortion pill to four Department of Health clinics, beginning with the Bronx, then to Queens, Harlem and Brooklyn by the end of the year. The increase is on top of the 11 public hospitals where such medication is already unrestricted.