Norton Healthcare already noticing an increase in flu cases

Norton Healthcare already noticing an increase in flu cases

November 08, 2022 : Health experts alert about a rough flu season start. They say this season is striking earlier than usual too. CDC assesses that, so far this weather, there have been at least 880,000 flu infections, 6,900 hospitalizations, and 360 deaths from flu. Norton Healthcare states the positivity rate within their system has leaped from 4 percent to 10 percent in just one week.

Dr. Paul Schulz, an infectious diseases specialist, wants to witness the flu vaccination rate rise instead. He says the flu vaccine seems less prevalent this year compared to previous seasons.

Dr. Schulz reminds individuals that they can get the flu shot at the similar time as other vaccinations, inclusive of the COVID-19 booster. He also said getting the vaccine is more accessible than treatment for the flu.

“We really don’t have much for treatment for influenza,” Dr. Schulz said. “So if you get severe influenza, there’s really not much we can do other than provide supportive care and that’s a real problem. That’s another reason why it’s so important to get ahead of it and get immunized to try to contain getting to the point where you need treatments that really aren’t readily available.”

Doctors suggest getting the shot as soon as possible, as it takes about two weeks to be effective.