Microsoft Cloud to target the Health-care industry

Microsoft Cloud to target the Health-care industry

May 22, 2020: Incorporating into the existing solution like Azure Cloud, Team communication app Microsoft is now targeting the Health-care industry with a new customized cloud solution.

The new step towards the new cloud solution intends its strategy to deliver more growth to Azure, competing with Amazon. The company also provide a customized solution to different industry vertical. It also mentioned focusing on 5 other industries with healthcare being the prime focus.

Microsoft Cloud for healthcare is available to public preview with a 6-month free trial. The pricing is not clear still on how the pricing would be for bundle product and individual as they informed to give inputs on the same in the fall.

As Azure contributes the major revenue for Microsoft competing with the market leader Amazon Web Services. The Azure revenue growth reduced to 59% in Q1 2020 than 62% in Q4 2020. However, the company has not disclosed the exact revenue in dollars.

The technology giants like Google, Salesforce etc are also targeting the healthcare market by providing cloud solutions. Microsoft offloaded the healthcare assets in 2012 in a joint venture with GE. We are yet to receive the complete information on the product and the pricing details from the company.