MediView and GE Healthcare to Give Augmented Reality Solutions to Medical Imaging for the Interventional Space

MediView and GE Healthcare to Give Augmented Reality Solutions to Medical Imaging for the Interventional Space

November 29, 2022 : GE Healthcare, a top global medical technology, digital solutions architect, and pharmaceutical diagnostics, and MediView XR, Inc., a leading clinical augmented reality med-tech organization, recently announced their collaboration to combine medical imaging into mixed reality solutions via the development of the OmnifyXR™ Interventional Suite System. MediView’s present technology platform takes advantage of spatial computing and mixed reality, combined with medical imaging in combining augmented reality visualization, coherent remote collaboration, and evidence-based clinical understandings.

“We are delighted to advance the strategic collaboration with GE Healthcare by co-developing and producing the interventional entourage of the future – one that is developed to improve ergonomics, with natural relations for optimized workflow and facilitates care team cooperation. The physician is empowered to concurrently interface with virtual monitors, holographic 3D anatomy, and remotely unite with colleagues around the world,” stated Mina Fahim, President, and CEO of MediView. “Utilizing GE Healthcare’s outstanding imaging and MediView’s prowess in real-time augmented reality visualization and navigation, we are proud to together launch one of the biggest deployments of augmented reality in healthcare till today and grow clinical adoption of innovative comprehensive reality solutions.”

The partnership between the two organizations brings together MediView’s skillfulness in 3D augmented reality medical visualization, surgical navigation, telecollaboration capacities, and procedural data insights to improve and simplify clinical decision-making along with GE Healthcare’s outstanding interventional imaging technologies, digital expertise, data analytics, and clinical decision support capacities.

“Augmented reality in imaging is key to enhanced visualization of anatomy and enhanced user understanding. Our collaboration with MediView exhibits our commitment to advancing the delivery of accuracy care by expanding the capabilities of the imaging guided systems via an open architecture and the integration of profitable and complementary technologies, like OmnifyXR Interventonal Suite, into clinical workflow. Concurrently, we can help clinicians use image guidance technologies to their maximum potential in order to help in the delivery of high-quality patient care,” stated Arnaud Marie – General Manager for Global Interventional at GE Healthcare.

There is a growing emphasis on streamlining and optimizing clinical workflows and improving ergonomics among clinicians utilizing medical imaging. The OmnifyXR solution delivers a heads-up, augmented reality exhibition of interventional x-ray imaging systems using Microsoft’s most delinquent HoloLens technology. The solution combines multiple holographic displays of live imaging to help enhance ergonomics regardless of working status and features 3D volume for improved anatomy visualization to allow clinicians better assess complex anatomies and inform clinical decision-making. The solution also shows remote collaboration, enabling clinicians to partner from a distance, cortege, proctor, and facilitate collaborative care.

GE Healthcare and MediView will co-market the resolution. They will explore opportunities for joint go-to-market measures, with an initial market takeoff in the US and global development planned for the future.