Marius Pharmaceuticals and Smartway Forge Monumental Partnership for Global Early Access Program

Marius Pharmaceuticals and Smartway Forge Monumental Partnership for Global Early Access Program

August 11, 2023 : In a strategic alliance that resonates with medical and pharmaceutical significance, Marius Pharmaceuticals, in conjunction with Smartway Pharmaceuticals, sets forth an epochal endeavor to surmount the global healthcare challenge of hypogonadism. The partnership heralds the advent of an all-encompassing Early Access Program for KYZATREX™ (testosterone undecanoate), a pioneering therapeutic innovation in the sphere of medical intervention for hypogonadism—a pervasive condition characterized by reduced testosterone levels.

Addressing a Global Health Quandary

Amid the intricate intricacies of modern healthcare, hypogonadism emerges as a prevalent concern afflicting countless men worldwide. This medical anomaly, marked by diminished testosterone levels, ushers forth a cascade of associated comorbidities—ranging from obesity and type 2 diabetes to depression and cardiovascular ailments. Recognizing the pressing need to alleviate this medical burden, Marius Pharmaceuticals and Smartway Pharmaceuticals converge their expertise to herald a comprehensive Early Access Program for KYZATREX™. This therapeutic innovation promises transformative impacts on the lives of men, not only across the United States but globally.

Unveiling the Pioneering Collaboration

Central to this profound partnership is Smartway Pharmaceuticals, an established authority in facilitating early access, compassionate use, and named patient supply of groundbreaking therapeutics. As a testament to their prowess, SmartWay secures the exclusive mantle of Early Access Provider for KYZATREX™ beyond the confines of the United States. Spanning a global presence, with hubs spanning the UK, EU, Middle East, USA, and India, Smartway’s amplifying influence embodies the core tenets of accessibility, expertise, and patient-centricity.

A Transcontinental Bridge for Therapeutic Access

Josh Cocklin, the visionary Chief Executive of SmartWay, lauds the monumental implications of this collaboration: “KYZATREX™ is already making a difference in the lives of men across the USA. With this agreement, we will extend access to KYZATREX™ to patients worldwide. We believe there will be significant interest in KYZATREX™ from healthcare specialists globally.” This convergence augments Smartway’s expansive portfolio and substantiates its indomitable commitment to facilitating patient access to transformative therapeutics.

The Eminence of a Transformative Covenant

Shalin Shah, the astute CEO of Marius Pharmaceuticals, amplifies the significance of this transformative collaboration, asserting, “We have seen the difference KYZATREX™ has made to patients’ lives in the USA and are excited that this agreement will expand access. Marius is focused on the US market, so we needed a patient-centric partner with deep expertise.” Shah emphasizes that Smartway is the quintessential embodiment of these requirements, armed with global reach, unwavering regulatory standards, and a shared commitment to facilitating patient lives.

Envisioning a Paradigm Shift in Hypogonadism

Amid a burgeoning global healthcare landscape burdened by the complexities of hypogonadism, the collaborative prowess of Marius Pharmaceuticals and Smartway Pharmaceuticals emerges as a beacon of hope. Their united front epitomizes a committed effort to catapult KYZATREX™ into the forefront of the battle against this pervasive ailment. Through the conduit of this innovative Early Access Program, the partners envisage an empowered healthcare network equipped with a transformative tool to combat the far-reaching impacts of low testosterone, thereby ushering in a brighter future for the men who grapple with its debilitating effects.