Lotte Unveils Songdo Plant, Aims for CDMO Leadership

Lotte Unveils Songdo Plant, Aims for CDMO Leadership

January 11, 2023 : In a strategic move that signifies its commitment to global CDMO leadership, Lotte Biologics has unveiled a comprehensive development plan for its Songdo Bio Plant. Announced at the prestigious JPM Healthcare Conference 2024, the plan outlines the construction of three state-of-the-art biomanufacturing facilities in South Korea, poised to significantly enhance the company’s production capacity and solidify its position as a premier provider of contract development and manufacturing services.

The Songdo Bio Plant, situated in the Incheon Free Economic Zone, is envisioned as a cornerstone of Lotte Biologics’ long-term growth strategy. Phase one of the development encompasses the construction of a mammalian cell culture facility with a remarkable 120,000-liter production capacity. This facility will be equipped with the company’s innovative “Titer Flex Quad Bioreactor System™,” offering unparalleled flexibility and adaptability to cater to diverse client needs.

Furthermore, the plan outlines the subsequent construction of two additional biomanufacturing facilities by 2030. These facilities, each equipped with eight 15,000-liter stainless steel bioreactors, will bring the total production capacity of the Songdo Bio Plant to a staggering 360,000 liters or more. This ambitious expansion positions Lotte Biologics as a leading player in the global CDMO market and aligns with the company’s commitment to contributing to the development and accessibility of life-saving biologics worldwide.

Beyond sheer production capacity, the Songdo Bio Plant is designed to be a model of cutting-edge biomanufacturing technology and sustainability. The facilities will incorporate advanced automation and digitalization solutions, ensuring operational efficiency and data-driven decision-making. Additionally, Lotte Biologics is committed to implementing eco-friendly practices throughout the construction and operation of the plant, minimizing its environmental footprint.

The Songdo Bio Plant development plan announcement has been met with considerable enthusiasm from industry analysts and potential clients. The company’s unwavering focus on innovation, quality, and sustainability is expected to solidify further its reputation as a reliable and trusted CDMO partner. As Lotte Biologics continues to execute its ambitious expansion plans, the Songdo Bio Plant is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the global biopharmaceutical industry.