JLK Spearheads Breakthrough AI Healthcare Tech for Stroke Diagnosis, Aims for US Expansion

JLK Spearheads Breakthrough AI Healthcare Tech for Stroke Diagnosis, Aims for US Expansion

August 16, 2023 : Renowned healthcare AI frontrunner, JLK (www.jlkgroup.com), is on the brink of a significant breakthrough in the US market with its revolutionary AI-powered healthcare technology tailored for stroke diagnosis. JLK stands at the forefront, boasting the world’s most extensive portfolio of 11 distinct stroke solutions encompassing both ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes. Moreover, JLK extends its reach with supplementary solutions catering to brain diseases, including coronary arteries and dementia.

JLK’s cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrates with various medical imaging devices such as CT, MRI, CTA, and MRA, which are critical for diagnosing brain-related conditions. The lightweight nature of their AI algorithms empowers real-time diagnostic capabilities, firmly distinguishing them in the landscape of medical technology.

Having been established in 2014, JLK is the first healthcare AI company to be publicly listed on Korea’s KOSDAQ (322510). With a robust foundation in Korea, where their solutions have been successfully commercialized, the company is now focusing on the lucrative US market.

JLK’s imminent entry into the US market is underway, with preparations for FDA applications. By 2024, the company aims to establish itself as a dynamic player within the US healthcare sector and secure insurance reimbursements. JLK has proactively secured patents for their groundbreaking solutions in pursuit of this goal.

As the global elderly population grows, stroke is a prevalent and severe affliction, with over 15 million new cases emerging worldwide annually. The global stroke market exhibits an annual growth rate of 8%, and the medical AI market is projected to expand to approximately $190 million by 2030.

In comparison to other medical conditions, stroke lacks definitive biomarkers. As an acute ailment, the stroke domain is a prime example of a field that significantly benefits from incorporating healthcare AI.

In the realm of AI-assisted stroke diagnosis, three companies take the global lead: Rapid AI (www.rapidai.com) in the United States, Viz.ai (www.viz.ai) in Israel, and JLK (www.jlkgroup.com) in South Korea. Stroke diagnosis is a particularly intricate area characterized by limited global competition. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in California, USA, Rapid AI uses artificial intelligence to develop stroke diagnosis and imaging software. Meanwhile, Viz.AI, an Israeli enterprise, has established collaborations with major US hospitals to implement stroke imaging solutions. Both these companies have gained FDA approval and successfully applied for medical insurance coverage in the United States. Their sales performance in 2022 has been nothing short of remarkable.

Anticipation runs high among experts who predict that the stroke-related AI medical market will experience explosive growth in the US healthcare sector, particularly when JLK introduces its diverse range of stroke solutions compared to its competitors.

In healthcare, integrating AI into medical care is eagerly anticipated as a safeguard for human lives.