Is Gut Microbiome be the Solution to Personalized Healthcare?

Is Gut Microbiome be the Solution to Personalized Healthcare?

January 23, 2023 : Gut health awareness has been playing a key role in improving health as more and more people starting to prioritize the state of the microbiome in their bodies. According to Hopkins Medicine, health experts say that the gut answers someone’s health, particularly their digestion and mood. Further, the body’s immune system is adjacent with the gut, as up to 80% of immune cells are found in the gut. The growing focus on this special area of health is why ideas like precise healthcare are evolving more common. It is also why the microbiome is highlight in the belief that led to the creation of Day Two — a complete and personalized microbiome-based health program.

So, how does highlighting precision in healthcare benefit patients, and how is microbiome the critical to the same?

The Chief Medical Officer of Day Two, Aamir Rehman, examined this on the latest episode of “Highway to Health” with broadcaster David Kemp. Rehman also discussed into how Day Two is the step towards exceptional care distinctive to a person’s requirements.

Kemp and Rehman further conferred.

How Day Two operations and provides health professionals with individualized knowledge based on a person’s microbiome

How the gut’s microbiome is utilized to determine a specific health goal.

Why particular healthcare can command and provide the best solutions for any provided condition and healthy lifestyle

“If you can complete personalization and precision for individual, that is probably one of the most significant things that allows them greater power over their health. Since one, they have confidence that the science that is specific to them and hopefully it will make a distinction, and then two, they can figure out how best to yield with it,” stated Rehman.

A Physician Executive and the Chief Medical Officer the Day Two, Amir Rehman is also the Executive Clinical and Commercial Advisor at Clinical Innovation and Strategy Advisors and has owned senior positions in healthcare institutions for over a decade.