How COVID pandemic reshaped healthcare with more technology adoption?

How COVID pandemic reshaped healthcare with more technology adoption?

What was the first concern during the pandemic?  We were not ready to accept such a pandemic and, we were worried about the health. Our parents, grandparents, some people were already suffering from a different disease how will they meet their doctor. How long it will continue? What are the measures taken? The questions continued long-long way. We are worried about our health than the job or anything else. We are worried about our loved ones and their safety.

Increase in Virtual Care: The pandemic has made people suspect every symptom and reach out to the doctors to speak about coronavirus. Each hospital suspect about 70,000 new people using virtual-support in the first month and over one million messages in one month in each hospital and clinic.  The virtual assistant needs to be trained and should be knowing about the disease and provide virtual support. The hospitals and clinics implemented more chat robots to handle general queries and filter it according to the requirement for doctor’s assistants. Patients need to wait for more than 24 hours to get connected to the doctor and consult the right physicians. The increase in virtual assistance has increased the responsibilities to train more people. Also, with a drawback of not getting connected to the doctor at the right time.

Telemedicine and Telehealth: According to the recent report it is said that the use of telehealth and telemedicine has increased by 500% since the pandemic. The people using this kind of technology to take assistance from the doctors as the pandemic has made us be at home and not to get in contact with others. The fact is doctors cannot just sit with a telemedicine device or keep updating the telehealth platform. The assistance was required from someone and training them and, keeping track of the patients and helping them maximum time is important as installing the technology.

Digital Health: The adoption of technology in the healthcare system was rapid in the last few years and, this pandemic has forced every healthcare institution to focus on the technology and, that is the only way to survive. Digital health will come up with an advanced user interface better track on the patient records, Electronic health records, AI in healthcare, IoT in healthcare, and many more that will make the job simpler for the healthcare specialists.

Cybersecurity: As the use of technologies increases, the threat increases accordingly. Having advanced cybersecurity and endpoint security software is as important as installing any other software. Cybercriminals look for the loophole and wait for an opportunity to track and get into the system and hack it. We recently saw a healthcare organization paying $350,000 to get access to the website and, this is something the healthcare organizations have to think. The recent report says the next target is the Pharma companies. However, healthcare is one of the biggest markets. There is no second thought on having an eye on our database safety.

We have reached a point where the pandemic has taught us to live with technology and stay updated with the recent updates. Some technologies and ways of living in the prime source and, this will be a permanent practice throughout our life. The advancement in technology and the right implementation will be the future.