Healthcare start-ups eye prospective investors at Hong Kong’s global health summit

November 10, 2022 : Local and international healthcare start-ups are eyeing potential investors at Hong Kong’s second Asia global health summit to enforce their cutting-edge results and bring fresh ideas to the industry.

The Asia Summit on Global Health, to be harbored from Thursday to Friday, will display innovations from about 180 healthcare start-ups, containing Cognitact, led by a Hong Kong University of Science and Technology research team that created a blood test to provide a diagnosis for Alzheimer’s disease before signs appear.

Joyce Ouyang Li, managing director of Cognitact, stated: “Our research focuses on catching biomarkers in blood that are related with Alzheimer’s disease.”

“With earlier testing, patients can receive early disease management, which will be useful in treating the disease … The disease leads to a heavy responsibility on family members and society, so early disease management is required.”

Li expressed she expected to recruit investors and business partners at the conference as the company was planning to present the blood test to the public in the second quarter of next year.

“We expect that more people will get to know our research findings, which can furnish help to the ageing population, and promote our service,” she conveyed.