Healthcare Organizations select Qualtrics to Give Ease and Empathy to Patients and Caregivers

November 22, 2022 : Qualtrics, the pioneer and creator of the experience management category, recently announced that numerous leading healthcare institutions, including Ascension and Intermountain Healthcare, chose Qualtrics solutions in the third quarter of 2022. By embracing technology to understand more satisfactory patients, caregivers, and staff – not just their understanding in receiving or giving care, but their emotions, purposes, and preferences – these healthcare institutions are innovating and leading the industry in human-centered sustenance.

“Kindness rooted in listening, understanding and acting has never been more necessary in the healthcare industry,” stated Qualtrics Chief Medical Officer Dr. Adrienne Boissy. “We cannot start to fix the complex challenges of access to care, disparities and intentional connectivity with patients and caregivers without stalling down to listen through every channel available – a much more meaningful listening system for the emotions and values at stake. Only when we comprehend those, can one operationalize empathy and act in methods that will make people feel heard, seen and valued – and as we connect that with quality, operational and financial data, we develop the field itself.”

Collecting data to improve patient care has lasting implications for care providers and patients. When patients sense heard and are ministered with empathy, they are more usually to stay with and suggest a provider. Qualtrics’ patient understanding solutions transform data into real-time understandings, capture patient feedback wherever it’s being communicated, and initiate action to improve knowledges before they impact ratings, brand perception, or belief. At the same time, Qualtrics’ employee experience resolutions make it easy to accumulate, analyze and act on staff feedback, helping healthcare leaders to immediately recognize workers when they get positive patient feedback and identify difficulties that can be addressed fast while also focusing on what’s required to improve engagement and retention over time. CrossXM opens the relationship and drivers between patient understanding and employee experience, taking understanding to a whole new group so that interventions can significantly affect both.