GOP doctor lawmakers alert amoxicillin shortage under Biden could wreck healthcare system

GOP doctor lawmakers alert amoxicillin shortage under Biden could wreck healthcare system

December 5, 2022 : Republican doctor lawmakers cautioned that the amoxicillin shortage under President Biden could “destroy” the American healthcare strategy. Numerous lawmakers on the GOP Doctors Caucus spoke about the medication deficiency that treats pneumonia, bronchitis, and other bacteria-related illnesses.

Rep. Brad Wenstrup, co-chairman of the GOP Doctors Caucus, informed Fox News Digital that no “patient or family should have to stress about finding a critical and simple antibiotic like amoxicillin.”

“Only last month, my family saw this problem firsthand when amoxicillin was totally unavailable for my five-year-old daughter,” Wenstrup told. “This lack is emblematic of the difficulties the country met sourcing needed medical supplies in COVID19, which is why I presented the American Made Medicine Act.”

“The government, Congress and the White House, must work jointly to help create and solidify a dependable domestic supply chain so that we are unassisted in control of the health and national security,” he persisted, warning that “China has developed a virtual monopoly on pharmaceutical components and routine medicines.”

“Now, it is up to us to turn this ship around and stop this issue,” Wenstrup stated.

A pharmacist and GOP Doctors Caucus associate, Rep. Buddy Carter, R-Ga., spoke to Fox News Digital the “Biden Administration must utilize all the resources at its disposal to look into the amoxicillin deficit.”

“This Administration has tunnel idea on COVID-19, as evidenced by its current transfer of revenue from hospitals and frontline health care employees to COVID-19 vaccine P.R. campaigns, and that led to today’s deficiency, which could devastate our health care system and instantly harm our nation’s children if this is not urgently addressed,” Carter cautioned.

GOP Rep. of Tennessee Diana Harshbarger informed Fox News Digital stated that, in her 30 years as a pharmacist, she has “shared firsthand the difficulties of getting Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and ended pharmaceutical goods like amoxicillin,” citing the shortage “is a problem that has lived for decades.”

“If we see, in the 1980s, the Chinese Communist Party moved all in on pharmaceutical manufacturing, funding the manufacturing costs of classic generic medicine like amoxicillin,” Harshbarger told. “That, along with their dishonest, cheap labor practices, allowed them to corner the sector.”

“Over regulation from the FDA, EPA, and other policy makers made an untenable trade environment adding to China’s strangle hold on our supply chain,” the pharmacist lawmaker persisted. “Household generic manufacturers are an anomaly, and I am proud to describe U.S. Antibiotics, one of the only turnkey amoxicillin factories in the U.S.”

Harshbarger displayed the U.S. needs “to straight away roll back red tape and incentivize enterprises to onshore manufacturing” back to American businesses.