Free Healthcare Clinic In McKinney, Texas Receives $5,000 Donation From Tomes Auto Group

Free Healthcare Clinic In McKinney Texas Receives 5,000 Donation From Tomes Auto Group

January 10, 2023 : Tomes Auto Group has declared that it has donated $5,000 to Community Health Clinic — a free healthcare clinic situated in McKinney, Texas.

Community Health Clinic delivers numerous healthcare services to underserved individuals and households. The clinic offers primary care, pediatric sustenance, diabetic care, counseling, treatment of chronic medical needs, and much more.

Before this latest donation, the free health clinic obtained support and assistance from the Tomes Auto Group.

In presenting this latest generous donation, the Tomes Auto Group — which is possessed by Bob Tomes and Brandon Tomes and comprises three auto dealerships in the McKinney area — states that the aim is to assist families that are unable to afford good healthcare.

“We are grateful for the donation but not surprised. Their generosity is matchless. Bob and Brandon Tomes have touched the lives of many in our society,” expressed Steve Wurm, the executive director of Community Health Clinic.

The Tomes household has been based out of McKinney, Texas, for almost 40 years. During that time, the family sponsored several different charities in the region.