Evvy Reveals Vaginal Healthcare Platform For Testing and Clinical Care

January 30, 2023 : Evvy, a vaginal health organization, launched a new platform recently that combines vaginal testing with prescription remedies and coaching.

Evvy is New York City-based, founded in 2020, and is a direct-to-consumer firm. It is an at-home vaginal microbiome test — established in 2021 and CLIA validated—examining for the bacteria and fungi (microbes) residing in people’s vaginas. It varies from other vaginal microbiome tests that only test for a fixed list of microbes. Evvy’s test uses metagenomic sequencing, which permits for an analysis of the entire genome. After customers take a test, a provider reviews the results and then sends a report describing the microbes found in their vagina and the health requirements related to the microbes. For instance, the test may pick up on Candida albicans or Candida glabrata, which are linked to yeast infections. Customers will receive a list of recommended next actions if treatment is needed.

Now with the latest platform, Evvy can provide those next steps. If the customer chooses to receive treatment through the company, that individual will get a two-month treatment plan, which may include drug medications and supplements. The treatment programs are personalized, but examples of the drugs a provider could specify are medical-grade boric acid or an antibiotic/antifungal, often employed for yeast infections. Consumers can also articulate one-on-one and virtually with an Evvy health coach, who can reply any questions and explain how medications should be carried.

“You get a one-on-one health trainer who helps walk you through everything that your doctor specifies you, how it works, how to take it, how it works into your sex life or your travel schedule, and really allows you make sure that it’s actually possible to achieve the vaginal health objectives that you have,” stated Priyanka Jain, CEO, and co-founder of Evvy.

A one-time test price $129; consumers can become a member of Evvy and test every three months for $99 a test. If the consumer decides to receive treatment along with their test, they pay at least $199. The test is obtainable to consumers in all 50 states, while the platform is starting in 39 states with objectives to grow nationally.