Emids Unveils Revolutionary 'EPulseAI' Generative AI Platform for Healthcare Sector

Emids Unveils Revolutionary 'EPulseAI' Generative AI Platform for Healthcare Sector

August 4, 2023 : Global healthcare and life sciences technology leader, Emids, has unveiled ‘EPulseAI,’ a cutting-edge Generative AI platform to transform the healthcare landscape. The innovative platform caters to all segments of the U.S. healthcare ecosystem—payers, providers, and tech companies—empowering them to elevate patient outcomes and operational excellence.

A standout feature of EPulseAI by Emids is its capacity to expedite product engineering and enhance product development life cycle productivity, potentially boosting efficiency by up to 50%. The in-house development of this advanced Generative AI platform has led to the establishment of AI centers of excellence in both Bangalore and Tennessee by Emids.

EPulseAI pioneers a new era in healthcare as a first-of-its-kind platform. It streamlines product development processes, guiding clients from ideation to final implementation. The integration of EPulseAI optimizes product development, leading to improved medical care quality, patient outcomes, and overall customer experience.

Generative AI introduces an intuitive user interface that drastically accelerates previously time-consuming tasks. What once demanded hours of manual labor now takes mere minutes, creating a seamless and human-like interaction. This approach conserves resources and propels groundbreaking advancements in healthcare operations, delivering value to all stakeholders involved.

Emids’ CEO, Sean Narayanan, underscores the profound implications of Generative AI in healthcare. The launch of EPulseAI aligns perfectly with the industry’s digital transformation, reimagining healthcare practices with AI at its core. EPulseAI positions itself as a catalyst for healthcare enterprises to amplify their Generative AI capabilities and drive innovation.

Ram Singampalli, Chief Delivery Officer at Emids, emphasizes EPulseAI’s role in establishing Centers of Excellence in Bangalore and Tennessee, fostering product scalability, speed-to-market, and seamless connectivity, all empowered by Generative AI.

Through EPulseAI, Emids aims to empower healthcare enterprises to harness the distinctive potential of Generative AI, bridging the gap between data and actionable insights. By ushering in a new era of innovative, ethical, and secure product creation with the power of Generative AI, Emids strives to shape a transformative future in healthcare.