Contract disagreement could mean thousands of Mid-South families suffer the loss of healthcare

Contract disagreement could mean thousands of Mid-South families suffer the loss of healthcare

January 12, 2023 : A business conflict could cause thousands of Mid-South families to forfeit healthcare access.

Blue Cross Blue Shield and Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare of Tennessee skipped a New Year’s deadline to conform to keep the hospitals and providers in network with the insurance company.

It’s making many patients wondering if they need to find care somewhere other.

“Oh, my gosh. Panic mode. I instantly went into panic mode,” K. Turner of Memphis told.

Turner stated she recently got a letter telling her twin grandsons can no longer run to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital for care.

“A grandson of mine has a g-tube, and he bore two surgeries at Le Bonheur Hospital,” she spoke. “Every time he is sick, we go to Le Bonheur Hospital for assistance.”

Turner is some of the tens of thousands of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee holders in the Mid-South, consisting of many covered by TennCare, no more in-network with Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare.

“My apprehension is that if one of my grandsons is sick? All the specialists are at Le Bonheur,” stated Turner.

Blue Cross requires Methodist facilities accept rate reductions or go out of network.

A representative for Blue Cross said Methodist rates are higher than average, and costs at Le Bonheur were the best amongst any children’s hospital in Tennessee.

But, Methodist said they offered several resolutions, including discounts on their present rates and an option to extend contracts to evade disrupting care for patients.

A representative for Methodist said Blue Cross continues to make “unreasonable requests” and refuses their offers.

The companies stated they would continue negotiating and hope to reach an accord.

“Should I change insurance? I do not know what to do at the present moment,” Turner said. “But I require to figure something out because they are my children, so I’ll make sure they get the care they require.”