Columbia Pacific Capital Partners (CPCP) Announces its Partnership with Panacea Healthcare Solutions

Columbia Pacific Capital Partners (CPCP) Announces its Partnership with Panacea Healthcare Solutions

August 30, 2022:- Columbia Pacific Capital Partners (“ CPCP ”) recently announced its recent partnership with Panacea Healthcare Solutions (“Panacea”) to sustain its continued growth and future triumphs.

“Panacea is at the vanguard of innovation in healthcare revenue cycle solutions and is well-positioned to additionally capitalize on the increasingly changing landscape strived to make healthcare providers and payors additionally transparent.”

Established in 2007, Panacea is a provider of strategic pricing, price transparency, compliance, chargemaster, and mid-revenue cycle software and consulting services to healthcare enterprises across the entire continuum of care.

With this partnership, Panacea also acquired Holliday & Associates and First Healthcare Compliance to enhance innovation and expand its current product suite. The combined organization will be a leading provider of healthcare revenue cycle and compliance software and assistance to 600+ hospitals, health approaches, physician practices, and accountable care associations across the United States.

CPCP concentrates on lower and middle-market software, tech-enabled companies, and business services in North America with attractive growth opportunities.

Debjeet Gupta, the Managing Partner at CPCP, stated, “With exceptional products, people, and procedures already in place, Panacea is poised for massive growth, and I’m looking forward to working with the team in enhancing its full potential. Via this transaction, Panacea will be able to propel innovation in mid-revenue cycle management, develop its customer base, and persist providing industry-leading technology and software solutions to healthcare establishments. We are thrilled about the prospects of building upon the current platform with organic growth and add-on investments.”

“Panacea is at the fore of innovation in healthcare revenue cycle solutions and is well-positioned to further capitalize on the increasingly transforming landscape aimed to make healthcare providers and payors more transparent,” stated Nisha Sachdeva, Managing Partner at CPCP. “We are eager to partner with Fred and his talented team to bolster Panacea’s leadership position and deliver increased value to the company’s expanding customer base.”

The administrator management teams of Panacea, Holliday & Associates, and First Healthcare Compliance will stay in place. Panacea CEO Frederick Stodolak will persist in serving as CEO of the combined platform and boost his role to commence as an active Chairman of the Board. Debjeet Gupta and Nisha Sachdeva will indicate Panacea’s Board of Directors.

Stodolak stated, “When we determined to take this organization to the next level, we were thrilled to look for partners in CPCP who value the customer-centric leadership position we have built and are prepared to assist take us to the next level. We are proud of this collaboration and are delighted for our future growth and ongoing product innovation. With the acquisition of Holliday & Associates, we are exhilarated that our customers will benefit from access to a thorough suite of chargemaster software devices from a single vendor. Furthermore, we glimpse forward to expanding First Healthcare Compliance’s famous learning platform to take advantage of Panacea’s expertise in inpatient, outpatient, and physician coding and adherence.”