Cleveland Clinic and IBM reveal nation's first quantum computer for healthcare research

March 21, 2023 : Cleveland Clinic and IBM revealed a first-of-its-kind for healthcare. The foremost quantum computer was devoted to healthcare research.

Metropolis leaders joined the two organizations to recognize the enormous advancement in technology.

It practically looks like a piece of art, but it’s a “mega mind” that can think quicker than the speed of light.

Assume of your home computer like Spider-Man. It can do great things, but only think through one problem at a time. Sometimes, that takes time, which describes the wheel of doom that spins while you’re pausing.

A quantum computer is more like Superman. Utilizing quantum mechanics, it can take one problem and believe of thousands of different solutions simultaneously while even counting complexness. And it does this greater than a hundred million times swifter than a supercomputer.

The quantum computer is a critical part of the two organizations’ 10-year partnership sought at fundamentally advancing the speed of biomedical research via high-performance computing.

“The present pace of scientific discovery is unacceptably slow, while our research requirements are growing exponentially,” stated Cleveland Clinic’s Lara Jehi, M.D., Chief Research Information Officer. “We are unable to afford to continue to spend more time or more going from a research hypothesis in a lab to therapies on the market. Quantum provides a future to transform this speed, particularly in drug discovery and machine learning.”

Presently there are 25 clinic projects on tap, including drug discovery. This computer can configure various molecules into drugs, which would take decades to do in a lab.

“One only builds the top highest potential formulation and then try those out so it sheds years in the time that it takes to get new medications,” Dr. Jehi added.

Since this is the first quantum computer concentrating on healthcare research, scientists will first second-guess it by asking questions to which they already know the answers.

“To see how the solutions that its providing compare to the answers we know, and we are going to use that information to define exactly what it can and unable to do,” Dr. Jehi stated.

Although it will only get smarter with time, and the more data it gets, the more solutions it can discover.

“This computer will put us at a level that literally no other healthcare system has entry to at this point,” Dr. Jehi said.

She also said they would collaborate on research with universities and other health centers.

Also, several scientists worldwide are already planning trips to Cleveland to see if Quantum can also help with their scientific research.