Cigna Sells Medicare Business to Health Care Services Corp. for $3.7B

Cigna Sells Medicare Business to Health Care Services Corp. for $3.7B

February 2, 2023 : In a significant realignment of its portfolio, Cigna Corporation has inked a definitive agreement to divest its Medicare business to Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC) for a total consideration of $3.7 billion. This divestment, expected to close in early 2025, subject to regulatory approvals, marks a strategic shift for Cigna and bolsters HCSC’s market presence within the Medicare Advantage segment.

Cigna’s Medicare unit encompasses Medicare Advantage, supplemental benefits, and Part D prescription drug plans, currently serving approximately 3.6 million members. Notably, the $3.7 billion deal comprises $3.3 billion in cash and an additional $400 million in capital that Cigna expects to unlock upon transaction closure.

Citing a strategic decision to prioritize focus and resources within its core commercial and government businesses, Cigna’s CEO, David Cordani, emphasized the divestment’s alignment with its long-term growth strategy. While acknowledging the Medicare space’s attractiveness, Cordani noted that the unit’s size within Cigna’s portfolio necessitates disproportionate investment and dedicated resources.

For HCSC, the acquisition presents a strategic opportunity to expand its Medicare Advantage footprint and solidify its position as a leading health insurer in the Midwest and Southern United States. With the addition of Cigna’s Medicare members, HCSC’s Medicare Advantage enrollment will surpass 3 million individuals, significantly bolstering its competitive edge within this growing market segment.

Industry analysts offer mixed perspectives on the deal. Some laud Cigna’s strategic focus and the potential financial benefits. In contrast, others express concerns regarding the long-term impact on both companies, particularly for Cigna’s Medicare members transitioning to HCSC’s network.

The divestment signifies a notable shift within the healthcare landscape, highlighting the evolving dynamics of the Medicare Advantage market. As consolidation trends persist, both Cigna and HCSC navigate new strategic terrains, leaving open questions about the long-term implications for the stakeholders involved.