Technology and Behavioral Healthcare: The New Promise in Personalized Medicine

I started college as a math major at a time so long ago that was how one learned computer science and programming. Ah, those bygone days of batch processing punch cards overnight in hopes they would eventually work out your problem on a DEC-10. But I wound up shifting majors and getting into healthcare via graduate school in clinical psychology.

Nursing Programs Grow in Medical Field by 25%

In the diversity of opportunities in the medical field, the nurses are ranked amongst the crucial factors. To have a great doctor, but no quality set of nurses is just like having many cars, but lacking the hand …,

The Importance of Wearable Devices

Sam, a patient of clinical depression has only medication to save him which improve his moods and get him to do things. No medication, no life in short is what life is for him. But he has one…,

Yoga: A Happy and Healthy Lifestyle

Isn’t it true that if a person is healthy, he can prosper in his life? Today, people are trying so hard to be successful that they forget to take care of the most important part of life – health. With this fast-paced lifestyle,…,