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All of humanity is today immersed in a global pandemic. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 emergency, the healthcare sector has collectively accelerated toward reinventing the many processes they had grown accustomed to and are growing more and more obsolete each day. Medical International Research (MIR) is making its most innovative technology available to healthcare professionals and their patients in the pneumology sector by pairing a series of new, reliable, and ready–to–use smartphone-compatible Smart spirometry devices with its professional line of products to help facilitate more comprehensive personal health monitoring.  While still providing the best spirometers for clinicians to use in-office, MIR now hopes to lead the charge with devices that can help customers stay attuned to their remote patients using MIR’s Smart devices with real-time result captures.

MIR is a global medical device and software company founded in 1993 and is now present in more than 100 countries worldwide.  Headquartered in Italy, the company has become a leader in the design, production, and international sale of diagnostic devices and applications to analyze lung function.  MIR specializes in Spirometry, Oximetry, and now Remote Patient Monitoring.

For nearly 30 years, MIR has been internationally recognized for its numerous innovations and advancements in these three different market areas.  This company has grown significantly over the past decade and in both size and innovation, evolving with the patients’ times and needs in today’s health climate.

MIR has been servicing HCP’s, hospitals, and CRO’s for almost three decades, which has given the company the ability to leverage its expertise to the current market needs. MIR is best known as a Spirometers and Oximeters manufacturer for the diagnosis and maintenance of respiratory diseases in multiple settings (Professional Diagnostic, Primary and Personal Care, and Clinical Trials). They collaborate with top researchers worldwide, who have completed hundreds of projects that utilize our technology with exclusivity. This gives them important insight into what aspects of the devices and software is working well and what needs adjusting to meet MIR’s customers’ growing needs.  MIR is truly passionate about the innovative offerings that it brings to the market and constantly strives to exceed the demand for competency and excellence expected from MIR through rigorous testing and continuous investment in new technological development.

MIR’s latest software generation uses algorithms based on artificial intelligence criteria, paired with an expert system that allows doctors to achieve the best patient compliance while performing spirometry tests. As the need for home care devices drastically increased in the past year, MIR met the patient needs by providing two devices that bring patients and their physicians together even though they are miles apart.

Since 2015, MIR has been developing and supporting devices for easy-to-use, cost-effective testing, with real-time result sending available on Smartphone and Tablet via Bluetooth Smart 4.0.  All MIR products are suitable for testing all patients ages from 5 to 93 years and multiple ethnic groups, in compliance with international standards for respiratory testing.  A simple and intuitive App created by MIR is always available for iOS and Android, which is updated and improved.  They also offer a software development kit (SDK) that is consistently updated to support the newest platforms.  Customers who utilize the SDK can integrate MIR’s spirometry technology into their software platform and alter it to fit their needs.

MIR’s Smart technology is pioneering to efficiently and effectively create solutions for doctor-to-patient communication during this difficult COVID-19 period.  Transferring real-time results truly helps physicians review and manage patient care quickly and with fully reliable and accurate information using the newest Bluetooth technology that MIR can offer.  MIR’s SDK is also a key technology that customers utilize quite often.  It allows them to focus their software in order to fit their methodology, provide easier access to their data, and transfer that data to any IOS or Android platform.  It is a truly important part of patient care.

MIR has garnered plenty of great reviews for the Smart One pocket spirometer from consumers purchasing their products on a variety of medical equipment suppliers and retailer outlets, such as Amazon. Consumers are very pleased with the size and how fast and accurate testing is on this device.  Many states have compared the MIR Smart One to other at-home spirometers, and the Smart One comes out on top every time because of its ease-of-use, and it can transmit its results quickly.  On its distributor side, MIR is chosen as a partner for several reasons. Most of them recognize the superior benefit of MIR’s long tradition of creating top-end Spirometry equipment and its drive to provide amazing customer service.  Physicians trust the MIR name and buy the products that they feel work the best for their clinics or hospitals from our distributors, who happily promote the MIR brand with confidence.

Many of the problems that MIR’s customers face are the initial setup of the Winspiro Pro software, or the MIR devices’ operation. The service department easily solves these problems. Once these are addressed, and the party involved is comfortable with the process, Spirometry becomes an easy, normal function. If a problem arises with a device specifically, MIR will have the customer send in that device for repair with a very short turnaround time.

MIR is always looking for ways to improve and find better ways to help its customers and partners. There are a few processes and device configurations that are being explored for optimization. MIR is launching an addition to the Smart products at the beginning of 2021 with the introduction of oximetry on the devices, once MIR obtains FDA approval. It will give the customers more testing capability with the same standard of accuracy and efficiency they expect from their current Smart devices, and for the days to come, MIR will continuously work to be the best it can be with the newest methods and functionality at the forefront.

At MIR, we are always striving to be better and provide a better product.  We have a new version of the Smart One and Spirobank Smart devices coming out soon that include Oximetry.  We also are releasing a new program that is called the VideoSpirometry App, which creates the first Spirometer with Oximetry integration designed for live virtual examinations.  Using video chat, this app will connect the doctor and their patient in a live stream, just as if they were having a normal, in-person visit.  The app allows patients to perform their tests on their cell phone or PC normally, all while the physician is able to see in real-time the same patient data on their screen and coach their patient through the test.  This provides the doctor with instant and accurate results, which helps both the patient and the doctor decide how to move forward with care without any gaps or miscommunications.  This app will provide an in-person feel to the exams and the connectivity necessary for ease-of-care.  As always, the team at MIR will continue to strive for further innovation in the future.


I congratulate you for the excellent functionality of your spirometers which, unlike others used in the past, have never gave me problems with functionality or calibration, in addition to the safety of use in terms of guaranteeing sterility for patients. I have already recommended them to my colleagues!

– Dr. Gianpaolo Carignano

Thave been using the various MIR products for approximately 15 years always with very good results. They are easy to use, practical and accurate

– Dr. Marco Antonio Loustaunau